publications &c.

peer reviewed articles

Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina (forthcoming) “Age Discrimination: Is It Special? Is It Wrong?”, in: Axel Gosseries & Greg Bognar (eds.) Aging without Agism? Conceptual Puzzles and Policy Proposals, OUP.

Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina (forthcoming) “Implicit Gender Bias”, in: Duarte, M., K. Losleben, and K. Fjørtoft (under contract) Gender Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Academia: A Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Transformation. Gender Series. Routledge.

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Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina & Nicolas Olsson Yaouzis (2020) “#MeToo, Social Norms, and Sanctions”, The Journal of Political Philosophy, 28:3, pp. 273-295,

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Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina (2012) “Should the Probabilities Count?” Philosophical Studies, 159: 2, pp. 205-218.


Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina (2013) Democracy and the Common Good: A Study of the Weighted Majority Rule, Doctoral thesis in practical philosophy, Stockholm: Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University.

other articles

Katharina Berndt Rasmussen (2022) “The Rae-Taylor Theorem and the Weighted Majority Rule”, in: Paul Bowman (ed.) Studies on the boundary problem in democratic theory, Institute for Futures Studies, Working paper series 2022:1-11.

Katharina Berndt Rasmussen & Nicolas Olsson Yaouzis (2019) “#metoo: Upprop, uthängningar och sociala normer”, Tidskrift för politisk filosofi, 2019: 3, 9-32.

Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina & Åsa Burman (2019) “Människans mörka materia: Om implicit bias och moraliskt ansvar”, Filosofisk Tidskrift, 40:4, 3-26.

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Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina (2017) “Replik till Marcus Agnafors”, Tidskrift för politisk filosofi, 2017: 3: 37-45.

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Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina (2011) “Är sannolikheter moraliskt relevanta?” Filosofisk tidskrift 32: 4, 27-40.

scientific talks, keynotes

September 2021: Lecture “Implicit Bias and Discrimination”, International Science Programme (ISP) 60th Anniversary Workshop: “Gender, diversities and unconscious bias: how to master the playground rules in Academia”, Uppsala University/Zoom 2021-09-09

May 2021: Keynote “Implicit Bias and Discrimination”, Workshop of the Feminist Philosophy research group, UiT The Arctic University of Norway/Zoom 2021-05-28.

August 2017: Invited keynote speaker for the section on political philosophy at the Swedish Philosophy Conference (Filosofidagarna), Uppsala; title: ”Discrimination, Harm, and Meritocracy”.

May 2017: Invited keynote speaker at the Prague workshop for the TADS-project (Taking Age Discrimination Seriously, PI: Axel Gosseries); title: ”Harm and Age Discrimination”.

October 2011: Workshop presentation for the Nordic Network on Political Ethics’ meeting at SCAS, Uppsala; title: “Some Notes on the Weighted Majority Rule”.

October 2010: Invited talk at the James Martin Faculty of Philosophy Advanced Research Seminar, Oxford University; title: “Should the Probabilities Count?”

October 2010: Workshop presentation at the annual meeting of the Nordic Network on Political Theory in Oslo; title: “A Benthamite Model of Representative Democracy”.

October 2009: Workshop presentation at the annual meeting of the Nordic Network on Political Theory in Copenhagen; title: “On the Weighted Majority Rule”.

June 2009: Presentation at the peer reviewed international interdisciplinary conference “Two Centuries of Utilitarianism” in Rennes, France; title: “The Proportionality Principle and the Weighted Majority Rule”.